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Thursday, May 17, 2012

something about VAN-TOR


So, I only just watched the highlights. Watching games 4AM on a week night just can't be pulled off often. But judging from those and my twitter feed it seems like Johnson has just confirmed that he is a beast. So nice to watch him play. It was also pretty cool to see a line-up with 5 players eligible for the CMNT. I'm not sure where I stand on the quota debate and the discussion between many TFC and 'Caps fans on the amount of Canadians on the teams, but I take pleasure in seeing talented players getting playing time and experience, which they can transfer to the CMNT.

Also. I can't wrap my head around how well TFC plays, when its a cup match and how poorly they play when its a league match. My solution: Buy a trunk-load of trophies and make every single game "a cup". Heck, we'd win the league if the front office did that.

Oh yeah, that Hassli goal. It was good.

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