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Thursday, May 17, 2012

something about how winning doesn't matter... that much

This might sound stupid, but I'd like to talk about how winning doesn't really matter all that much for me as a fan and I don't think it should for others as well.

For me supporting a team, is all about community, a sense of belonging and shared experiences. If winning was important I'd support Manchester United or Real Madrid (which I don't). For reasons I've presented earlier I support Toronto FC. But the tough part isn't the losing record. The tough part is not having anyone to share the downs and ups and downs with. This is why I love twitter. It allows me be part of a tormented community that shares my passion for TFC and for MLS. I don't mind being sad over a loss, but it would be harder if I was alone with it.

Tender by Blur describes how I feel about TFC. Love is great, no matter if its tough, and one day it will be better.

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