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Monday, May 21, 2012

Denmark and MLS Part 1: The Danes in MLS

Considering that MLS get minimum coverage here in Denmark, anytime something happens that connects the Danish Superliga, Canada, the US and MLS  it gets my attention.

Obviously the Danes of MLS get my attention. I think its awesome how Jimmy Nielsen has rebooted his career in KC. He needed that after getting relegated with Vejle.

Wow. How is that for a coincidence. Just as I am writing this post I hear the news linking Mads Junker to MLS. I'm looking forward to see if it pans out. And back to the original post:

I also quite like Christian Sivebæk in Seattle. He was known as a guy with plenty of talent, but a bit of an attitude problem in Denmark, and without knowing it I'm pretty sure that limited his options. Then Seattle came knocking, and tell me where you'd prefer to play. In front of 38.000 Sounders fans or 6 or 7.000 quite quiet fans in Denmark? While the strengths are different and its hard to compare leagues, in my opinion MLS is not a step down in any way.

I remember back in 2002 when I started following MLS, Ronnie Ekelund was playing for the Earthquakes and I though it was pretty cool to have a Dane, who had been under contract with Barcelona, was now winning MLS cups. I looked into the history it was also pretty cool to find Miklos Molnar who not only scored his way to a MLS cup with KC but also play for Denmark at EURO2000 while playing for an MLS side.

Brian Nielsen was just a bleep on the NYRB radar. I don't even think he has a team these days. Too bad, he could have amounted to more with a better attitude and less injuries.

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