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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MLS withdrawal

When I started this blog I had set I rule for myself, that I'd limit how much I'd write about European soccer. I'll break that rule a little bit today.

MLS is on international break. This is tough. Its actually worse than the off-season. In the off-season there are friendlies, trade rumours and all sorts. Now its all nothing.

Being Danish and Denmark being at Euro 2012, I'll admit to being interested in the tournament, but to be honest it doesn't fill the gap. I'm passionate about Denmark and when we beat the Dutch I was dancing in the streets of Copenhagen along with many others, but I've come to realize how big a part of my life MLS and North American soccer have become. 

Yes, I think more about how the Whitecaps are able to keep that many offensive players happy, while rotating them, than about where Didier Drogba goes (unless it is MLS ) or whether or not France gets out the group. Don't get my wrong, I'm a soccer junkie, I DO care where Drogba goes and I've watched most of the Euro 2012 games, but I seriously need my fix and the only thing, that really does it is MLS.

At least there is the USA and Canada games.

Allez les rouges.
Go USA go.

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