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Friday, June 8, 2012

"And now for something completely different"

Hey. So there are some soccer games to be played today right? There are four awesome games today. The World Cup qualifiers are kicking off tonight and as a warm UEFA was nice enough to schedule the EUROs right before. But with traditional disregard of Canada they scheduled a game, which collides with Canada's game.

What will I be doing tonight? I have the pesky thing called a social life and I made the mistake of failing to cancel this over the next two weeks. So I will probably miss all four games, though I'd might have a chance of catching parts or all of the US game if the party sucks. 

Because of this risk of collision between social life and soccer fandom, I quite like midweek games because being a student with an ability to totally disregard, societal conventions of daily rhythm, there are less clashes with midweek games than weekend games.

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