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Monday, July 9, 2012

The truth about TFC and MLS (sort of)

So I finally convinced someone to watch MLS with me and thanks to an early kick-off I could watch TFC play against Philly at 22pm Danish time along with my sister's boyfriend. It was cool to share it with someone else here, but I was also curious about what his thoughts on the level and style of play would be. If you have an emotional attachment to something, it is easier to unconsciously perceive it as better than it perhaps is, so it was fun getting his more independent opinion. This was the result:

He found that it was easy to see that it was a game of two bottom teams, but not a relegation fight, but was very impressed by the speed of the game. He was a bit ambivalent about the quality of the passing as there were many very good diagonal crosses (especially from Philly), but also many missed passes and bad runs.

On the more than well-known topic of the TFC defense, he noticed how they were playing very compact, but that they seemed to lack communication and little happened going forward from them.

On the other hand he was very impressed by the the wide play of Philadelphia, but also missed more attempts from outside the box from both teams.

In the end he was overall impressed with MLS and is looking forward to watching two better teams play.

Do we have a convert? I don't know yet. But he has an open mind and I will continue to expose him to the league. 

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