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Friday, July 13, 2012

Mariner will save Toronto FC from relegation

Had MLS had relegation TFC would be in big problems. Especially had they continued with Winter. Having seen the team under Mariner, it is now clear that Winter lacked the ability to  instill fire, passion and the willingness to fight in the players. Personally I liked what Winter was trying to do, but soccer is also about winning, about grit and fight, and the TFC of Winter lacked that.

Should MLS decide to introduce relegation tomorrow, I'm not sure if TFC would get relegated. Under Mariner they have gotten 1.25 PPG and this would mean 33 points when the season ends. This would obviously not lead to play-off participation, but in leagues with relegation and similar amount of games 33 points often would save a team from relegation, and I am also pretty sure TFC will get more points than that.

So whats the point of this, you'd might ask? Well, it shows how TFC has changed. Under Winter I almost expected TFC to lose every time (which they did), but with Mariner I really believe that we can get something out of it. Mariner has only lost two games (!) and they comeback against the Whitecaps shows that Mariner has created a team, that fights to the end and it if they sign a proper defender after the de Guzman trade, unlike the Aceval and that other guy they signed in the off-season, I think we could see a second half surge that would save Toronto from the nonexistent relegation and give the fans something to be happy about and something to hope for in the future. 

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