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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MLS and its embracement of Canada

Whenever I talk about about MLS I try to make an effort out of calling it a NORTH American  league, rather than just an American one. Obviously it hasn't always been that way, not only because the league didn't have a Canadian team, but also in the way the MLS website and its premiere podcast ExtraTime Radio have covered Canadian content.

Even after Toronto FC's entry, the league was still very much American, and the news was primarily focused on the USMNT and almost all stories had an American angle.

Having followed the league for 10 years, and having paid special attention to Canadian content the last 5, I can really say the the coverage this year has been amazing. Yes, Montreal also joined the league, but last years when it was Vancouver and Toronto, the quality wasn't there yet. The season there has been an abundance of stories about Canadian soccer in and of itself. No American angle, just Canadian soccer. The CMNT has received more prominence and Canadian players abroad have been covered more. 

MLS has stepped up its game, and embraced and included Canada, and I for one, applaud it.

 I just have to point out this tweet:
If I put on my megalomaniac hat, I'd like to think it changed after that ;-)

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