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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Diskerud still open to Norway

So Mikkel Diskerud is part of the January camp. Good he is talented young player, who could be a good player for the US.

However until the qualifiers nothing is certain.

As late as October 2012 Diskerud was asked by a Norwegian newspaper: "Do you want to play for Norway?" To this Diskerud replied: "Yes, I do. But I do not think Drillo (the Norwegian coach) wants me - based on what he said earlier - and I am not sure that I want to play in Drillo's preferred system."

What to make of this? Not sure, but it does show how international soccer is complex, when it comes to young dual citizens. Norway isn't like to change their coach anytime soon and such Diskerud will probably stay with the US. But if I was Klinsmann I'd bring him to Honduras and give him a few minutes if possible, just in case.

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