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Monday, September 3, 2012

Christian Wilhelmsson signs for LA Galaxy. Not a DP.

So Christian Wilhelmsson, former Nantes, Roma, Anderlecht and Bolton player, whom LA confirmed is on trial with the club, has confirmed personally to Swedish media that he has signed with the LA side. He had offers from Russia, Qatar and Dubai, but preferred MLS and the Galaxy. He compliments the rising quality of the league and hopes to stay on the Swedish national team. He also says he had offers that paid more, but the chance to play in MLS and live in LA was worth more. Fotballskanalen.se also reports that he won't be a designated player, but will earn $300.000 a year on a 6 month contract with an option for 3 more years. How the hell can LA afford that?

Post script:
I just noticed, that the interview where Wilhelmsson confirms the contract is from SUNDAY the 2nd and the salary article is from last Thursday. Why hasn't LA confirmed anything yet, when Wilhelmsson is speaking openly about it in Swedish media?

Post script 2:
Just to underline: The interview was made the day after the Arena confirmation of the trial, where Wilhelmsson confirms to have signed contract. If it is signed, why isn't LA announcing it?

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